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Where Did All My Seconds Go

Have you ever thought about how you are spending your 2,524,608,000 seconds (60 x 60 x 24 x 365.25 x 80) on this planet? It can be a bit of a shock by the time you subtract sleeping, eating, showering and then subtract the seconds you've already spent. Probably the biggest shock relates to the thought of your own mortality, but that's a story for another day. Back to your life zipping by before your eyes; where do you put family in this equation? You know, all those annoying people who purport to have a claim on your seconds, simply by virtue of the fact you share their blood or are in a partnership with some one who does. If you took the time to count up all the seconds you've spent with them, is that number just right, too few or too many? As some of you know I have a fascination with my family tree; I also have a guiding force in my life that elevates family to an importance level where I delight in spending my seconds with them. And as I look back it has been those times where a ceremony of some kind has thrown the family together that produce some of my most treasured memories. A 60th wedding anniversary, a special birthday, a naming day, and yes even a funeral. So in these few seconds you have spent with me, I ask that you reflect on your family ties and if you feel you've under spent lately, maybe it's time to allocate a few more seconds to that wonderful big warm enveloping blanket we call family.

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